Some guitar players are unaware of CapoSonic’s capabilities yet really in need and desire what it does. Many guitar players are searching for CapoSonic. Musicians and performers, music therapists, arts and educational organizations, foundations, non-profits, schools, conservatories and music institutions have expressed interests and desire to buy and own. 

CapoSonic is a creative tool, opening new doors of expression, playing and interpretation of music in truly artistic ways. Simply by flipping levers, the open tuning and feeling becomes evident and available. CapoSonic enables one to play in an "open tuning" style without the need of retuning and using a “new” set of scales / chords for each individual “key” or tuning.

CapoSonic expands one’s existing repertoire in new directions and dimensions, with new voicings. CapoSonic is quantum – a new way of playing and “thinking” the guitar. It divines the creative processes and builds on one's musical foundation greatly. It starts at your level - gently challenges and “nudges” to reach magnificent musical milestones; and all else above - its lots of FUN playing and improvising!

Recognizing the fun of leveraging standard tunings into something new and different is a really ‘cool’ factor.  Presently, there is an awakening and resurgence of “open and alternative” tunings.


Ben Ryan is a creative artist, inventor, visionary, successful entrepreneur, a dreamer, passionate with unrelenting commitment.  He balances artistic talents with management skills filtered through his broad array of life experiences and artisitic accomplishments. Ben Ryan is a survivor, a consummate problem solver with an outgoing, optimistic, powerful, insightful personality.  His positive, effective and strategic solutions reinforces his successful track record in project management. He is "hands on"  – from concept to realization - with time management, team building, leading through example. Ben creates productive and supportive working environments. He is a proactive, self-starter. His experience serves him well in the fields of communications, entertainment, music and the arts, 


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