CapoSonic opens amazing new horizons for all guitar players.

Sounds like open tuning . . . Plays like standard!


CapoSonic™ sets the standard for guitar players. CapoSonic™ engages at the desired length of strings, making custom chords, transposing into open sounds and keys. Creative, expressive, experimental and improvisational channels flourish using CapoSonic™. It is expandable, adjustable, movable and removable. It is non-destructive, non-invasive and non-encumbering. The product is extremely valuable and experiencing a shortage due to the high demand. Product quality is assured at every point in the process.

Potentially CapoSonic™ is the most advanced musical innovation in the 3300 year history of the guitar. The invention and concept are revolutionary and inventive. Traditional capos work on one fret, CapoSonic™ spans the range of three contiguous frets, the “nut” position is always available as a choice, too.  CapoSonic™ provides for open string(s).  CapoSonic™ reduces the need and time to de-tune and retune between songs. It reduces the danger, logistics and aggravation of carrying multiple guitars.  Guitar players enjoy and respect the experience,  feeling good and embracing the unique sound arrangements;  It just sounds better with an open sound. Its a richer, fuller, more embellished, beautifull sound. By using standard tuning, the player enjoys the familiarity of  "normal" scales, fingerings, chords and patterns.  CapoSonic is exponentially more, tens of thousands of unique chord options and voicings - all immediately available with the "flick" of a lever.

CapoSonic™ is a creative, powerful tool with a multitude of educational, performance and therapeutic characteristics.  By employing visualizations of "new" playing patterns,  transposing and playing in all keys, is simple and easily accomplished. CapoSonic™ is a new and novel method for understanding the constellation and orientation of musical patterns, scales and chords.  Our patented capo design is the FIRST of its type. It requires minimal space crossing the neck. Our lever design, maximizes the ability to engage configurations of notes and minimize the encumbrance and "real estate" on the fretboard. CapoSonic™ enables the engagement and depression of individualized and groups of strings and "multiple-fret" selections. The levers are movable, levers retract when not in use. If they are not engaged, they are out of the way, minimizing the restriction of the players movement and space. Simply stated, one is able to pick from four (4) positions on any of the six string(s).  

 It is masterfully designed, guaranteed and produced with the best materials. It is manufactured with excellent craftsmanship, uniformity, precision and quality. The product package includes: CapoSonic™  a product registration, a simple and basic “Getting Started” chord reference chart, a Certificate of Authenticity and a warranty/guarantee. Coming Soon!



Rarely have I played with a musical device that opened my mind, turned the way I think of the guitar upside down and allowed me to have so much fun on my instrument. After Playing CapoSonic and speaking with [Ben Ryan] I regard him as a rare innovator who is taking the guitar into new tonal territory."

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