“Cool Capos.”

I just stumbled upon it in my search for "cool" capos and was really impressed. I really love the ingenuity behind it. I haven't been able to find a way to purchase them. I was wondering if there was a way to privately purchase this great invention. Thanks

— D.M.

“I can’t wait!”

Ben, I am sold, and so are many friends. I think you are a genius for conceiving this device.  Can you tell me and my friends when you can ship? Thank you Ben!

— J.A.

"Rarely have I played with a musical device that opened my mind, turned the way I think of the guitar upside down and allowed me to have so much fun on my instrument. After Playing CapoSonic and speaking with [Ben Ryan] I regard him as a rare innovator who is taking the guitar into new tonal territory. As a guitarist, songwriter and producer who has played CapoSonic, I look forward to owning one as it will allow for an almost unlimited range of new chordal discoveries using the chords and fingerings that I already know. CapoSonic will provide inspiration when my writing is feeling hum-drum, and add a breath of freshness to my playing and recordings. CapoSonic can allow the performing guitarist to do on one instrument in standard tuning what used to require several instruments in many tunings. You have got to check CapoSonic out!"

Jamie from NYC


“Redmond, OR Wants CapoSonic.”

Hello Ben, Just ran across your capo. I am am a luthier by trade, and I own and operate The Guitar Shop in Redmond, OR. I would like to purchase several. Please keep me posted. Thanks Ben!

— L.B.

“Cosmic Procrastination.”

I already play in a variety of open tunings and have been meaning to by a capo for the last few weeks. Guess there was as a cosmic reason for my procrastination!! I look forward to being an owner!

— M.L.


“Noe been thought of before?”

Dear Ben I stumbled across your very innovative capo design and thought. How on earth has this not been thought of before. I would really like to know if you have any in stock and are able to ship them ? Great work man Thanks

— L.I.

“Amazing Potential!”

Hi Ben, I'm a violin/guitar player who plays with/through effects & loops.  When I do solo shows I'm already bringing a lot of gear- anything that can help reduce the schlep.  I'm incredibly grateful for.  The potential behind your product is amazing! All the best.

— Clara


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