CapoSOnic SiDe View

CapoSOnic SiDe View

Mission Statement:
“Bring joy, harmony,  peace, and positive changes to the world through music.” 

CapoSonic is for all guitarists seeking the distinctly warm, rich sounds of open and alternative tunings. CapoSonic relieves the headaches of retuning… unraveling unfamilair fingering patterns…and the eliminates the pain of transporting a multitude of guitars, switching to a different one for each song.

CapoSonic is a major breakthrough and provides for the selection of individual and multiple string groups plus introducing the amazing "multiple-fret" engagement capability. This breakthrough technologies enables thousands of chords, key, configuration of notes with the flip of a lever!

Our proprietary technology creates exponential configurations, beautiful sound arrangements and unique voicings. Its a "must have" for all guitar players, creative singer / songwriters, teachers, students and performers.

CapoSonic is fully adjustable and easily attached; fits on every popular guitar neck, without damaging the finish or destroying the wood.  CapoSonic works on six string steel, nylon, electric, acoustic, twelve string and classical guitars.  

Most capos, accomplish one thing – engage all six strings uniformly on one fret.  CapoSonic offers an exponential number of options and patterns with 4096 unique sound arrangements on any one fret – designed to work on six frets. (Approximately 25,000 + configurations from which to choose.)

CapoSonic engages and changes the lengths of the strings creating the "open tuning sound" – yet the standard string intervals remain. The importance of this point is familiarity, of  "regular" patterns,  familiar chord progressions and "normal" scales with a new zest and zeal!

Discerning tastes hear and feel the distinct difference and understand the value of CapoSonic. We pay significant attention to detail, manufacturing precision, and superior quality workmanship. CapoSonic is the only and best answer!

We are now getting cloe for your first chance to support and realize the dream of CapoSonic ownership! The CapoSonic Brand is building awareness for the niche product and recognition to plan for the mass market.